Cheek Aesthetics

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Cheek Aesthetics

Cheek aesthetics aims to change the face from an oval shape like “U” to “V” shape cheekbones is an application that makes it more prominent. The facial shape, which we call the golden ratio, is popular in which the chin, cheek and other areas on the face are in a certain ratio. One of the most important criteria in the golden ratio is that the chin and cheeks form a triangle. Thus, the face looks younger, more attractive and aesthetic. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cheek Aesthetics

Cheek aesthetic can be done to both young and old patients. Some people may have naturally saggy or too voluminous big cheeks. This may result in a round face and patients appearing fatter than they are. To get the lean long look also known as “Hollywood cheeks” buccal fat removal, bichectomy can be done. This surgical aesthetic procedure can create attractive prominent cheekbones and a proportional cheek and face. Some people may also want surgically made dimples.

It should not be forgotten that a patient who complies with the doctor's recommendations will be included in the healing process as of the 1st week. The stitches that increase the risk of bleeding and infection should not be removed in the first 7 days. You will also need 1 month to get the full result. After the 30th day, the facial area will now take its new shape according to the golden ratio rule. 

Bichectomy is usually a risk-free, short-term, simple procedure with satisfactory results. Its complication risk is very low. As with any operation, it is very important that the surgeon is highly experienced on the anatomy of the region. If the surgeon fails to enter from the correct point, s/he may cause damage, such as tissue trauma, bleeding, while trying to find bichat fat pad.

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