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Closed Rhinoplasty

Protective rhinoplasty is performed in patients who have not had previous nose surgery. Because the existing cartilage and bone structures in the first aesthetic may be reduced to be insufficient for correction. The need for revision rhinoplasty is very rare when protective rhinoplasty is performed by reliable doctors.

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Frequently Asked Questions


It is an aesthetic procedure based on changing the appearance of the nose by preserving (minimally changing) the nasal bone, bridge and cartilage structure of the patient.

It can be applied to those with septum deviation, wide, low-end noses, and nasal bridges.

You will be examined and informed by the anesthesia physician before Rhinoplasty operation. Factors affecting anesthetics such as Blood thinners, vitamins and alcohol, cigarettes, should be discontinued by the date your doctor stipulates.

Rhinoplasty can address structural, cosmetic, or functional issues with the nose while bringing the nose into balance with the rest of the facial features. These procedures can be performed to enhance a nose that appears to droop or that is too large, small, narrow, flat, wide, round, or pointed. Rhinoplasty can also improve the appearance of a hump on the bridge of the nose, a crooked nose, oddly shaped nostrils, or damage due to injury or trauma. From a functional perspective, rhinoplasty can address a deviated septum, improve breathing, reduce snoring, and reduce the risk of obstructive sleep apnea.

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Say hello to new beginnings with VAPS Clinic.

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