Eyelid Correction

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Eyelid Correction

An eyelid correction (also called an eye lift or blepharoplasty) is an operation in which the skin around the eyes is tightened and lifted. It can be done when there is excess skin on the upper eyelids, but also when there are puffiness, a lower eyelid correction is possible. It is also possible to do a lower and an upper eyelid correction at the same time.

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Eyelid Correction

Full recovery from eyelid surgery can take several months. Most people are back to work after a week. During the first week, it is important to cool the eyes and sleep upright with extra pillows. If you wear contact lenses, you shouldn't use them for a week after surgery. Touching the wound can increase the risk of infection and you could accidentally open the wound. Wearing dark glasses after surgery can help protect the eyes.

The local anaesthesia, the swelling or excessive scar healing can cause incomplete eyelid closure. Under conservative measures (elevation of the head, cooling, lymphatic drainage) the tissue tension usually subsides. Irritation of the tissue during eyelid lifting or disinfection can lead to swelling of the connective tissue. With rest and cooling, the swelling usually goes down. It may be necessary to take concomitant medication.

This will depend on the type of procedure and will be discussed directly with you.

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